Apr. 14th, 2014

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Leaving this one unlocked, because recs. I've been reading my way slowly from the beginning using them like miniature incentives to actually do job apps. I haven't read nearly everything that I want to read so take this as my initial sample.

Our Last Summer - Jared/Jensen/Gen. ART. I want to roll around in this hayfield, because not only are the bodies and the way they touch so tender and beautiful, but the background is lovely as well and really evocative.
Coronation Day - Kali/Abaddon. ART. Cutest art eva. I love their poses and how Abaddon reminds me of the blond one from The Princess and the Frog, while Kali makes the most fantastic genie. Really fun and rather wicked.
Three Things - Sam/Kevin. This is great Kevin headspace, nothing shy and retiring about his inner life, just fierce and very very tough. The bits inside his head were convincing and made me happy at the ending.
Turntable - Jared/Jensen Hot, fun and action-packed, what more could you want? Jensen is suitably taken-aback at Jared's transformation and it all leads to a very satisfying place.
Starving - Sam/Dean. I really like the mood of this piece. It's contemplative, the time-gaps work as a way of indicating how Sam drops in and out,
Ardere - Sam/Jess ART. This has a great sense of mood, and really gives a story and so many possibilities. I especially love the colouring.

A Song of Ink and Fire - Sam/Dean ART.  This is probably my favourite thing of the exchange so far. Inked beautiful boys, and the closer you look, the more the tattoos will tear up your heart. From the DNR on Sam's chest, the Dean on his fingers and the Virgin Mary on Dean's back, it's visually stunning.


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