Apr. 21st, 2014

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I was going to save my recs for after reveal, but I don't want to wait that long to rec the fic I received. So part two of Spring Fling recs now that I've read most of my way through (not all the way but if I waited for that I would never ever rec anything). Bonus stick-figure art created in Paint for anyone who guesses what I wrote. Here's a clue. It's poorly punctuated.

Star Rec: All That Is Gone this is my gift and it is Sam/Cas and absolutely beautiful. It does a great job picking apart some of Sam's emotions about possession and being overridden. There's something especially chilling about the concept and the ending. Thoroughly recommend.

- Air and Earth - J2, you feel the pain of unrequited love and the sense of freedom generated by the ending is amazing. I want more, but the ending in itself is enough.
- Still Waters - Jess/Jo, femslash and banter and a really really cute fic.
- Confidential - J2, ART, I love the coloring of this and Jared's expression and the great sense of a whole story.
- All the Lonely People - Gadreel gen. Thoughtful and interesting. Made me reconsider the character.

In other news, enforced idleness from being sick as a dog makes me productive. I wrote a J2 rowing AU for salt_burn_porn (it turns out, researching after the fact, that American college rowing seems to be a bit different than college rowing here so apologies for the clearly non-American-ness of this) and my own take on soulless Dean for smpc which I know must have been written before a lot but I've never read one so it seemed like fun.

In other other news. You know what's a really poor idea? Blindly grabbing for a bottle of shampoo in the shower. I'm usually about this shade. Now I am. Turns out that products not belonging to me that claim to eliminate brassy tones and make your hair naturally lighter might actually work. I've been wearing a slouchy knit hat this whole weekend and looking like a tool.


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