Apr. 24th, 2014

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If it feels like you've seen this post before, you have. I couldn't get the html of the original to format properly so I scrapped it. I'd blame lj but it's all me. Have backdated but who knows if that'll work either.

we were lovers in the great collapse. This is my springfling fic! I wrote for[livejournal.com profile] viviansface's lovely song prompt 'The Great Collapse - The Zolas.' Originally I wrote most of a rock-band AU with J2 being arrested for public indecencies committed on stage. Then at the very last minute this idea hit me, I scrapped the other and went for it. I'm actually really happy with this one (and yes, that may be the only time you ever hear me say that about anything I write).

Reposted under the cut, now punctuated semi-correctly and with corrections made, because I like keeping everything on my journal.

Title: we were lovers in the great collapse

Fandom: Supernatural RPF

Pairing: Jared/Jensen

Rating: M

Content notes: switching

A/N: Thanks bro-stevesky for literally Ameri-picking this as I wrote it like a gently shining star. She's the reason Jensen isn't lying on a pavement, and also why there is no flocked/fucked pun.

Summary: Jensen doesn’t know what happened. He barely knows where he is. He just knows he wants it to work with Jared again.

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