Jun. 1st, 2014

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Day 1: Something Old

For Day 2: something new, I was torn between A Skewed Reflection (Sam has sex with a soulless Dean) and What Goes on Tour (Jensen joins Jared's band, they have sex - there may be a theme in my writing here.) In the end I picked What Goes on Tour because it feels like a story other people didn't like at all in the main.

I'm not entirely sure why but possibly the huge amount of amazing Band AUs already out there doesn't help. Since this is the self promotion meme though, I'll talk about what I did like about it. It's not as overtly meant to be funny as say Masturbation Science Theatre 3000 but it's my sort of humour and in the main the band and their activities are based in real life. I've never been a musician (got asked to leave my violin lessons for not being able to move past 'hot cross buns') but for someone who doesn't really enjoy much music, I've dated a number of musicians and been to a lot of live gigs. So, the backdrop was something I knew about, it was a chance to include Danneel and Gen, and man, I just really love wall-sex, public blowjobs, and fucking through clothes. I do wish I'd brought the setting (early 2000s) more clearly to life and that's definitely something it lacked for me.

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