Jun. 5th, 2014

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In a sense everything I write is for myself, I wouldn't write it otherwise  - who has time for that? Then I really thought about it and realised that I totally have a story that is so self-indulgent and ridiculously, embarrassingly, clearly for myself, that I should pick it and weep over my bad taste.

Trial by Fire, Sam/Dean/Cas and all combos thereof, rated Hard R

This is my favourite fic that I've written, for exactly the self indulgence that I mentioned up above. In short, it's a season 8 divergent fic where, after Sam begins the trials, it riffs off the idea that he's being changed on a molecular level and separated from the rest of humanity as a precursor to the necessary act of closing hell. In this fic, it takes the form of Sam not being able to touch anybody without burning their skin, including through clothes. The only person exempt from this is Cas, who can touch Sam if he exerts the effort to. So touch deprivation, isolation, finding ways to bridge the gap all come into play. Writing a sex scene without penetration, and where two of the participants (Sam and Dean) can't touch each other, and for more than one reason was a challenge, and balancing the emotions between all three of them was even more difficult. At no point did I want Cas to be a proxy - he's not the conduit between them, he's a disrupting force. Also wooo chance to write Sassy! With bonus difficult emotions that neither of them can articulate. My jam, all of it is my jam.

With my other recs this meme I've been upfront with the bad bits to them, but I'm not going to bother listing the things that are wrong with this one (though there are plenty!) but I give a fair heads up that I couldn't find a beta for it and that my issues with commas are pretty awful, though I think I've caught the worst of them by now.


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