Nov. 11th, 2014

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This is my favourite thing of today (crack fanmix for The Iliad) find the tracklist here. My favourites are Book 18: The Shield of Achilles — Build A Bear Workshop theme and Book 8: The Tide of Battle Turns — This Aint A Scene. Also the fight between Ajax and Hector being set to the Confrontation from Les Mis.

Ages ago, pliny wrote me Sam Winchester poetry in response to an ask meme where you had to reveal what you'd learnt from osmosis about something you've never seen it. I rarely remember to log onto Tumblr so here it is. Pliny is awesome at poetry and suspiciously spot on about Sam. How can you not love something that's funny and sad at exactly the same time.

I put my Sam h/c prompt fill up on AO3 here: under the waters still and deep and also my spmc entry: Don't Shoot the Sacred Symbol

Sam & Dean Minibang post-date tomorrow. I feel nervous though not for any particular reason.

This is going to sound really stupid and I have been on lj for far far too long to only ask this now but how do I format a fic post entry so it returns to lj's default when you click instead of retaining journal formatting. I'm pretty sure I've seen it done - possibly using =light at the end of the URL.


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