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I'd been looking forward to this fest for some time, and although it didn't go quite as I'd hoped in terms of my own fic (which, because flogging a dead horse is excellent exercise you can read here), I always appreciate getting to read new fic by other people - the best bit of being in a large fandom!

So here are a few recs (for fic because I'm pretty terrible with art recs - there was a lot of lovely art though!)

- Your Children Will Come at You with Knives by [ profile] steeplechasers- the most visually striking piece of the challenge for me, there was a fantastic sense of terrible inevitability and a beautifully muffled depiction of manipulated emotions and fear. Definitely recommend.

- Juxtaposition by [ profile] moonyj4m - super tender take on a slow growing closer through shared beds and shared closeness. Really well paced and the slide from (mostly) platonic bedsharing into their relationship was perfect.

- Heaven Sure Ain't Like It Is In The Brochure by [ profile] righteousbros - wonderful use of canon in particular Dark Side of the Moon, a perfect fixing of all the untied ends. Very sweet and warming. I'll take a slice of that with a cup of tea please.

- The Treadmill by [ profile] amber1960 As well as fix-its, I adore fics that fixes things without that being the central core of the story - in this one there's a (intriguing) plot, there's Sam time and then this wonderful resolution that ties it up neatly and ends on a hopeful note. Lovely.

- Five Times the Winchesters Pretended They Didn’t, and One Time That Didn’t Work by [ profile] runedgirl - there may be a theme to these recs (with the exception of the first one!) and this is no different - there's a slow build relationship that I can only describe as pretty - the descriptions, the emotions and then the ending that unites all the different threads into an understated but real happiness.
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