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December meme? Oh you mean that December meme? I joke, I've mostly kept up with doing the entries so I'll start posting tomorrow. Before that though, it's recs time.

I posted some previous minibang recs here and I have two more!

Behold, A Pale Horse - [ profile] cherie_morte. This is a love story right at its core, beautiful, dark and riddled with hopeless sadness and yet at the end of it all, that intense sense of love and inevitability that always traces Sam and Dean's footsteps. I don't think I've read anything quite like it in a long time (do heed the warnings). I wholeheartedly recommend reading it.

Edges - [ profile] glovered. This is also heart-touching but in a completely different way. Sam's stretched thin and fading connection with his brother, the slipperiness of the understanding between them, the sadness of Brady in the background and that crushing knowledge of what waits for them all - the title is perfect, because even when there's light in the story there's the future waiting. It was a fantastic mix between the two.

Other fic

see - [ profile] steeplechasers. True forms. Clever true forms combined with crystal sharp description, and a sense of loss and loneliness in how Dean feels towards Castiel's true form and the changes it goes through. Love it.

You'll No Longer Burn - songlin. I can count on one hand the number of times I've read genderswapped Dean and liked it, and this is one of those times and possibly the only het fic veresion. There's something unapologetically harsh about this conception of Dean and how their family dynamic would be even more messed up that really worked for me, although the story is mostly sex.

To the Devil his Due by [ profile] monicawoe Wonderfully disturbing Endverse, with all the touches of survival and hope at the beginning, fading into a deeper darker Lucifer and the Sam he's taking back.

What I Wouldn't Do - dollylux Gen/Danneel femslash. With a wonderful sense of place - an absolutely loving portrait of a neighbourhood and a mood, and a great sense of physicality between them, something that seems to go missing in a lot of femslash. I really liked this a lot.


Art for [ profile] cherie_morte's SDMB by quickreaver, found here. It's stunning, the colouring used in particular, but also the posing of Sam at the end, like some marble statue carved perfectly, and the one of him with blood running down his lip that's giving me strong Art Deco vibes in the construction of Sam's hair, and yeah pretty much all of them. I rarely rec art because I lack art vocab to describe it but these are all perfect.

" darkness I became." - [ profile] cassiopeia7. Okay, I am always going to be a sucker for Pieta style SPN art, and this is no exception, and then to follow it up with Demon eyed Sam crying was perfect, a real sense of story across the two images ( a story I would love to read) and the look on Sam's face in each is heartbreaking. Plus bonus Bela, which I am always appreciative of - especially one again with a story behind her and a magnificently creepy hand. I do love a piece of art with a palpable sense of narrative to it.

Vid rec

Crazy - by justmep. Demon Dean, the song works perfectly in conjunction with the voiceover clips, and yeah, I did love some Demon Dean and this was just really good. I've watched it about ten times now I think.
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