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I am permanently one step behind, always. It's very sad. But I have forgotten none of the Christmas meme entries - they'll just stretch into January, I promise.

This is all the Christmas things and I've combined my end of the year writing roundup into it as well!

I had a lovely Christmas. My mother made an awesome Christmas dinner and I did Boxing Day dinner (which is Christmas dinner redux but with cold turkey instead), then my father roasted a gammon for the next day. I should point out that I am a really really terrible cook - I burn everything, but that my one party trick is turning out a credible Christmas dinner. So it all went well.
Presents wise I did very well - much better than I deserved especially since I probably should have technically given up presents at this age. My parents bought me some bits and pieces and a phone - they were tired of calling me and me never picking up apparently. Given that since mobiles became a thing, I have retained a Nokia 3310 for potentially longer than anyone else who bought one back in 2002, and then the most basic Alcatel phone for a little bit, apart from a mad flirtation for two years with a Blackberry, having a phone that can do things like GPS + check my email is so weird! It can also do things like take pictures, I don't understand. I am the first to admit I am not phone literate.

My siblings pushed the boat out as well - my brother (who revelling in the relative luxury of his first graduate job) bought me a mini-heater for where I live (it is v cold and my housemates do not believe in central heating) and insisted on giving me money to - in his words - 'buy a magnum of champagne and get hideously drunk when your exam results come back' - we show our love through actions not words in my family, my littlest sister bought me a fleece throw and a hot water bottle, and I got clothes etc from the rest. I feel obscurely pleased that apparently they'd rather I didn't freeze to death.

I bought my little brother a SPN t-shirt which I...don't think he's taken off yet. I'm glad he likes it!

End of year writing round up! This year I am opting for the exciting arrangement of doing it by pairing.
Sam/Dean. This was without doubt my pairing of the year, accounting for no less than 5/19 of the fics that I wrote, and more importantly, my two favourites.

- The One Left Behind (NC-17) This was my Sam/Dean minibang at 13K, and I'm not going to lie - there are so many things I would change and fix. That said, it's the one thing I've written this year where I wouldn't change the heft or direction of it. It's a bitterer, bleaker view on pre-canon than would be realistic for actual-canon (this is canon-divergent when Sam is thirteen) but it worked for me. I'm happy I wrote it as it mattered to me.

- The Terminal Point of Addiction (NC-17) Okay, yes this is 10K of sex, I am not going to deny that. But one of my favourite stylistic techniques is to follow a character so closely that everything about them gets represented and I loved doing that with Dean. Also, y'know, switching.

- A Skewed Reflection (NC-17) The simplest way to explain this? Soulless Dean has sex with (souled) Sam. I love Soulless Sam and I find him an interesting character. This was about how a soulless Dean would be very different from a soulless Sam. I am pleased that canon in the shape of Demon Dean actually mostly agreed with me on this front!

- Keep a Good Man Down (NC-17) This one is a little bit of a cheat I admit in the timeframe. But one day I'll write the fuck or die fic, where they choose to die instead. This is not that fic, but it comes close. It's a little bit sad and one of those fics that just wrote itself really.

- One More Coal (NC-17) Season 9 Dean meets Stanford Sam and they have sex. It's a little bit sadder than it sounds.
J2. Technically I actually wrote more J2 than Sam/Dean with 6/19 fics.

- Masturbation Science Theatre 3000 (NC-17) I have a really stupid sense of humour, this is not a secret. So writing something as ridiculously silly as this fic was great fun. J2 accidentally meet in a sex cinema.

- The Daily Grind (NC-17) This is the only coffeeshop AU I've written. Features the worst puns (I like bad jokes as stated above).

- What Goes on Tour (NC-17) The continuation of 'how many tropes can I write'. J2 rockband AU, also continuing the question of 'is it humour or indigestion'? that I like to think of as being a central theme in my writing.

- Stroke Number Seven (NC-17) the rowing AU of my heart. I like rowing. I like J2. What better than to combine that love? Also continues my trend of worrying even about fake people - I couldn't bear for them to actually traumatise the waitress with public sex.

- Don't Shoot the Sacred Symbol (NC-17) Jared signs on as a mercenary on Jensen's crew and gets more than he expected. I keep wanting to write the prequel to this even though it wouldn't be J2 (obviously) because something about the scenario was especially fun to write. We'll see in the New Year.

- we were lovers in the great collapse (R) written for spnspringfling. Apparently the only non-humour J2 fic I wrote this year - post-Rapture style fic where J2 drift closer and intersect.
Other SPN - gen, (2/19) I wrote some other bits and pieces, none long enough to warrant including

- the sun upon the lake is low (G) Sam watches a heron. He doesn't really find healing. Lots of nature feelings. The landscape is pretty drawn from where I live - it was a fun example, and probably of everything I wrote this year, got closest to somewhere I was happy with in terms of Sam's current mental state.

- under the waters still and deep (G) A chance to examine how it wasn't pride in him that Sam wanted from his family. Or, the one where Sam saves a kid and it changes nothing at all.
Adrianne/Genevieve - 2/19

- Run and Hide (R) lesbian assassins is my favourite trope apparently, so I wrote it for the Gen Minibang and had a great time with it.

- Sacrificial Dances (NC-17) Adrianne is a priestess tasked with sacrificing virgin sacrifice Gen to a terrible God.
Les Miserables (mixed) 3/19

- fight thou against them that fight against me (Teen) Grantaire tests the limits of his self-understanding when it comes to Enjolras (who remains completely unaware). This was one of the fics I found most difficult to write - Grantaire's dialogue is singularly unique and difficult to replicate so it can come off as super twee if you're not careful.

- Scaling Levels (Teen) Cosette/Eponine sci-fi AU - body modification, Eponine is a circuitrunner whose autonomy is being chiseled away. Cosette has no idea what she's even missing. This was such fun to write - and reminded me why I always want to write more sci-fi (and also femslash).

- Now to Reveal (NC-17) a remix of [ profile] miss_morland's beautiful fic - featuring Javert catching Valjean as he washes, and a ton of body worship.

Also, Happy New Year to all! Wishing you the best.
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