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Every so often I do a weed out of some of the things I've written anonymously. For whatever reason femslash seems to get written anonymously the most, I have no idea why.

So here is a sample:

Welcome Back. Katy/Effy, Skins. When Effy gets out of prison, Katy's the only one there to take her home. They have awkward sex. Only real canon knowledge requirement is that they're both early twenties and Katy went through early menopause which made the sex scene slightly unfamiliar ground.

The Poetry of Logical Ideas, Les Miserables  Dahlia/Favourite. I spent an embarassing amount of time trawling wikipedia for pre-1830s maths concepts to work into this and I quite like it. There's a faint service top dynamic between them that I thought was interesting.

English Mannerisms, Les Miserables  Dahlia/Zephine. Silly, a little bit funny and the product of the weird canon aside where it's remarked on that Favourite has 'english mannerisms' and the resultant conversation where we tried to decide if english mannerisms bore any resemblance to the 'english vice'.

and now for something completely different

Against a Shield Achilles/Patroclus, The Iliad, pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, short and not that sweet.
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So I finished the J2_everafter fic after much angsting... but missed my posting date, so I'll post at the end of the fest on March 1st. Which a) is frustrating because I've been trying to break myself of the habit of letting things like that slip and b) good in a way because now I have a bit of time to maybe try and find a beta for it. So if anyone fancies slogging through 14K of Something Wicked This Way Comes which isn't even NC-17 rated let me know.

1) First Day of School - [ profile] ghostyouknow27 prompted a rework of this little ficlet with Gen as an elementary head and Misha as head of the PTA (PTO in some districts I understand,) as a  little story where Misha is actually an alien searching for an accepting school for his daughter. It's about 1600 words long. Can be found in the comments here

2) I can't see myself getting into Les Mis fandom. I'm not a very musical person, but a friend made this prompt specifically for me with the proviso that I had to try and make it realistic. i.e. no crack. It's Javert being fucked by a tentacle monster, but as promised it is not cracky. I'm actually really pleased with the way it turned out- it's not humorous, and it's not played for intense horror. It's posted on the kink-meme here, and cleaned up and posted on AO3 here

3) Someone made a podfic of the fandom stocking story I wrote Taste of Home (Josephine/Viane, Chocolat) which can be found here. I haven't had the chance to listen yet, but I'm sure it's lovely- and part of the Awesome Women Podfic Anthology so worth noting that.


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