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[ profile] wendy asked how I drink my coffee for this day.

The simplest answer to how I drink my that I don't!

I used to have a truly disgusting habit of filling a mug half full of instant coffee and then sloshing a little bit of boiling water over it (no sugar, no milk). The resultant mess stained cups, skin if you spilt it and tasted like thick tar. I have no idea where I picked the taste up from, but I used to drink four/five mugs of that a day - much to the horror of the rest of my family who preferred actual coffee that didn't come in kg jars. I'm still caffeine-insensitive and I'm pretty sure that's why.

Then one day I gave it up because I thought it was unhealthy. Just stopped drinking it and never went back. I didn't have a cup of coffee for the next three years or so. Nowadays I'll occasionally drink one - I still only want it black and strong enough to make you wince (or when I can get it, a mint frappuccino thing). I do like coffee flavoured chocolates though.

Instead I drink tea; mostly standard breakfast tea or earl grey, though I try and get two or three cups of green tea a day because I think there may be some health benefit to it. And wine, obviously.
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I'm skipping around these until I can get a scanner for my stick figure posts. [ profile] amberdreams asked me what my three favourite fics were, in a cruel cruel move since picking three favourite fics was not an easy task. Picking thirty favourites would be difficult enough! In the end I picked three stories that have stuck with me for some time.

The first one is a tricky one. From the Other River Bank - Dwimordene, LotR. Frankly, I haven't reread it in many years. It could actually be terrible - it might well be since as far as I remember, I read this in 2003 when I was in my early teens and my taste in fiction could best be termed 'mixed'. But it's one of the few fics that I've always loved the memory of, and I remember it as being very beautiful and absolutely 100% heartbreaking, all while being possible (as much obviously as it can be possible) within the canon timeline of pre-Lord of the Rings. Part of the reason I don't reread it is because I don't want to be disappointed I think.

I do still remain perpetually amused that it was the author's response to being challenged to write a slash story, because I'm sure there's some progression where it makes sense that someone who'd never written slash would choose Boromir/Faramir to start with!

Last Outpost of All That Is - gekizetsu. Obvious answer is obvious I know, but this is my perfect id story. Not just the post-apocalyptic, only-Dean-and-Sam elements, but the slow and powerful build. There's nothing of the romp about it, by the end their relationship and their life seem as inevitable as anything can be, and this is a fic that I reread when I get the chance. I have a great deal of time for it, and it was probably the easiest contender to put on this list. I love the rest of gekizetsu's fic as well, but this is the one I remember and rec to other people not in the fandom (who all, without exception love it as well).

Okay picking a third fic was impossible. I was going to cheat my little socks off and list ten possible contenders or just start listing off authors I love, but then I suddenly thought - there will be future memes, there will be future rec posts. I don't want to shoot all my bolts. I shall save them up. So instead, while I wouldn't call this a top three favourite fic, have a rec for a fic that makes me laugh every time I read it (and I like to laugh).

It's lolitics RPF, but though the jokes are funnier if you know UK politics at the time this was written (2010) it's still damn funny even if you don't. No pairings, just jokes. It's archive-locked to AO3 so you'll have to be signed in to see it. So here it is Once Upon a Time in the North - British politicians + the apocalypse.
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On the first day of Christmas, there's an Abaddon ficlet involving pears for [ profile] cassiopeia7. Underneath the cut for mentions of gore, torture and Abaddon being a dick.

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