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Two things:

1. I generally choose not to warn. However underage, noncon, child abuse and character death will always be content noted. My own squicks are nearly non-existent bar eye-trauma, paralysis and underage (under 16).

2. I multiship. Sam/Dean and J2 are my primary ships but I write plenty of others.

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Again with the lateness.

Usually I make November resolutions rather than NYs because I like starting early, but last year was hectic and I forgot. So:

- Do Big Bang. I failed to turn in a draft for the last two rounds (can I still sign up even?) This year is different though - I feel like I have an idea I really want to write, I'm not claiming I've planned anything - I'm pretty sure I'm not capable of planning anything, but I've been thinking about it for most of the past month.
- Lose last bit of weight. I got so so close to my ideal goal but derailed at Christmas (alcohol and fruit cake mostly). So I'd like to drop that last bit and work on maintainance. I'm also going to work hard on my fitness as well as my weight. I should probably do chess instead. I'm just as bad at it but it's kinder on the ankles.
- Write something every day no matter how small.
- Stop being so lazy when it comes to the work I should be doing. I'd like to end the year not regretting how I spent my time.

What are your resolutions if you've made any?

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Go to the closest book to you. Turn to page 206. The first sentence explains your love life. Stolen from [ profile] amber1960 as the most recent poster.

I snagged two because I like to give myself some decent odds (and when I tried this yesterday I got the Hunchback of Notre Dame suggesting I drive people mad).

- Marc, the quintessential cold fish, capable of love?  - Magnificat, Julian May. I think it's quite hopeful! And mildly accurate.
- But there is a further possibility: it is conceivable that Caelius may not have been supporting Catiline at all. - Rubicon, Tom Holland. I have no idea what this means.
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Every so often I do a weed out of some of the things I've written anonymously. For whatever reason femslash seems to get written anonymously the most, I have no idea why.

So here is a sample:

Welcome Back. Katy/Effy, Skins. When Effy gets out of prison, Katy's the only one there to take her home. They have awkward sex. Only real canon knowledge requirement is that they're both early twenties and Katy went through early menopause which made the sex scene slightly unfamiliar ground.

The Poetry of Logical Ideas, Les Miserables  Dahlia/Favourite. I spent an embarassing amount of time trawling wikipedia for pre-1830s maths concepts to work into this and I quite like it. There's a faint service top dynamic between them that I thought was interesting.

English Mannerisms, Les Miserables  Dahlia/Zephine. Silly, a little bit funny and the product of the weird canon aside where it's remarked on that Favourite has 'english mannerisms' and the resultant conversation where we tried to decide if english mannerisms bore any resemblance to the 'english vice'.

and now for something completely different

Against a Shield Achilles/Patroclus, The Iliad, pretty much exactly what it says on the tin, short and not that sweet.
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I am permanently one step behind, always. It's very sad. But I have forgotten none of the Christmas meme entries - they'll just stretch into January, I promise.

This is all the Christmas things and I've combined my end of the year writing roundup into it as well!

Boring Christmas happiness )

End of year writing round up! This year I am opting for the exciting arrangement of doing it by pairing.
Sam/Dean )J2 )Other SPN (gen) )Adrianne/Genevieve )Les Miserables (mixed) )

Also, Happy New Year to all! Wishing you the best.
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Title: Falling Further

Fandom: Supernatural

Pairing: Dean/Sam (minor)

Rating: PG-13

Warnings: brief mention of suicide ideation.

Notes: written for[ profile] the_green_bird for spnj2xmas. I used your likes for ‘boyking Sam’ and ‘soulmates’ and I hope you enjoy!

Summary: Dean starts hallucinating where this will inevitably end while Sam works to save him. Set post 09x10 so spoilers for the hiatus episode.

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[ profile] wendy asked how I drink my coffee for this day.

The simplest answer to how I drink my that I don't!

I used to have a truly disgusting habit of filling a mug half full of instant coffee and then sloshing a little bit of boiling water over it (no sugar, no milk). The resultant mess stained cups, skin if you spilt it and tasted like thick tar. I have no idea where I picked the taste up from, but I used to drink four/five mugs of that a day - much to the horror of the rest of my family who preferred actual coffee that didn't come in kg jars. I'm still caffeine-insensitive and I'm pretty sure that's why.

Then one day I gave it up because I thought it was unhealthy. Just stopped drinking it and never went back. I didn't have a cup of coffee for the next three years or so. Nowadays I'll occasionally drink one - I still only want it black and strong enough to make you wince (or when I can get it, a mint frappuccino thing). I do like coffee flavoured chocolates though.

Instead I drink tea; mostly standard breakfast tea or earl grey, though I try and get two or three cups of green tea a day because I think there may be some health benefit to it. And wine, obviously.
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I'm skipping around these until I can get a scanner for my stick figure posts. [ profile] amberdreams asked me what my three favourite fics were, in a cruel cruel move since picking three favourite fics was not an easy task. Picking thirty favourites would be difficult enough! In the end I picked three stories that have stuck with me for some time.

The first one is a tricky one. From the Other River Bank - Dwimordene, LotR. Frankly, I haven't reread it in many years. It could actually be terrible - it might well be since as far as I remember, I read this in 2003 when I was in my early teens and my taste in fiction could best be termed 'mixed'. But it's one of the few fics that I've always loved the memory of, and I remember it as being very beautiful and absolutely 100% heartbreaking, all while being possible (as much obviously as it can be possible) within the canon timeline of pre-Lord of the Rings. Part of the reason I don't reread it is because I don't want to be disappointed I think.

I do still remain perpetually amused that it was the author's response to being challenged to write a slash story, because I'm sure there's some progression where it makes sense that someone who'd never written slash would choose Boromir/Faramir to start with!

Last Outpost of All That Is - gekizetsu. Obvious answer is obvious I know, but this is my perfect id story. Not just the post-apocalyptic, only-Dean-and-Sam elements, but the slow and powerful build. There's nothing of the romp about it, by the end their relationship and their life seem as inevitable as anything can be, and this is a fic that I reread when I get the chance. I have a great deal of time for it, and it was probably the easiest contender to put on this list. I love the rest of gekizetsu's fic as well, but this is the one I remember and rec to other people not in the fandom (who all, without exception love it as well).

Okay picking a third fic was impossible. I was going to cheat my little socks off and list ten possible contenders or just start listing off authors I love, but then I suddenly thought - there will be future memes, there will be future rec posts. I don't want to shoot all my bolts. I shall save them up. So instead, while I wouldn't call this a top three favourite fic, have a rec for a fic that makes me laugh every time I read it (and I like to laugh).

It's lolitics RPF, but though the jokes are funnier if you know UK politics at the time this was written (2010) it's still damn funny even if you don't. No pairings, just jokes. It's archive-locked to AO3 so you'll have to be signed in to see it. So here it is Once Upon a Time in the North - British politicians + the apocalypse.
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If you want to write me things/wish me a merry Chrismas/provide me with recs, then you can find my fandom stocking here. Please do link me to yours as well if you have one.

- also, thank you all, for the replies on the love meme ♥ it was a very cheering thing in a bleak exam-ridden time!
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On the first day of Christmas, there's an Abaddon ficlet involving pears for [ profile] cassiopeia7. Underneath the cut for mentions of gore, torture and Abaddon being a dick.

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December meme? Oh you mean that December meme? I joke, I've mostly kept up with doing the entries so I'll start posting tomorrow. Before that though, it's recs time.

I posted some previous minibang recs here and I have two more!

Behold, A Pale Horse - [ profile] cherie_morte. This is a love story right at its core, beautiful, dark and riddled with hopeless sadness and yet at the end of it all, that intense sense of love and inevitability that always traces Sam and Dean's footsteps. I don't think I've read anything quite like it in a long time (do heed the warnings). I wholeheartedly recommend reading it.

Edges - [ profile] glovered. This is also heart-touching but in a completely different way. Sam's stretched thin and fading connection with his brother, the slipperiness of the understanding between them, the sadness of Brady in the background and that crushing knowledge of what waits for them all - the title is perfect, because even when there's light in the story there's the future waiting. It was a fantastic mix between the two.

Other fic

see - [ profile] steeplechasers. True forms. Clever true forms combined with crystal sharp description, and a sense of loss and loneliness in how Dean feels towards Castiel's true form and the changes it goes through. Love it.

You'll No Longer Burn - songlin. I can count on one hand the number of times I've read genderswapped Dean and liked it, and this is one of those times and possibly the only het fic veresion. There's something unapologetically harsh about this conception of Dean and how their family dynamic would be even more messed up that really worked for me, although the story is mostly sex.

To the Devil his Due by [ profile] monicawoe Wonderfully disturbing Endverse, with all the touches of survival and hope at the beginning, fading into a deeper darker Lucifer and the Sam he's taking back.

What I Wouldn't Do - dollylux Gen/Danneel femslash. With a wonderful sense of place - an absolutely loving portrait of a neighbourhood and a mood, and a great sense of physicality between them, something that seems to go missing in a lot of femslash. I really liked this a lot.


Art for [ profile] cherie_morte's SDMB by quickreaver, found here. It's stunning, the colouring used in particular, but also the posing of Sam at the end, like some marble statue carved perfectly, and the one of him with blood running down his lip that's giving me strong Art Deco vibes in the construction of Sam's hair, and yeah pretty much all of them. I rarely rec art because I lack art vocab to describe it but these are all perfect.

" darkness I became." - [ profile] cassiopeia7. Okay, I am always going to be a sucker for Pieta style SPN art, and this is no exception, and then to follow it up with Demon eyed Sam crying was perfect, a real sense of story across the two images ( a story I would love to read) and the look on Sam's face in each is heartbreaking. Plus bonus Bela, which I am always appreciative of - especially one again with a story behind her and a magnificently creepy hand. I do love a piece of art with a palpable sense of narrative to it.

Vid rec

Crazy - by justmep. Demon Dean, the song works perfectly in conjunction with the voiceover clips, and yeah, I did love some Demon Dean and this was just really good. I've watched it about ten times now I think.
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I have no internet at home (broken) and when I say I've been working on these group projects I mean literally 14 hour days, plus a mock exam today, and a ton of other stuff. I'm looking forward both to posting my own December entries and reading everyone else's, so don't be alarmed at getting a late comment on them. That's just me backreading furiously. I also have a few recs stored up so I'll try and make that entry soon as well.


Dec. 2nd, 2014 11:05 am
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I'm going to get started on my December meme tonight but I can't resist posting early with a rec for my [ profile] spn_j2_xmas gift because it's awesome. Take a ton of my favourite things (post-apocalyptic/Sam'n'Dean/alternate ends/stoic warriors) and put them into a giant blender and you basically have my gift. It's hopeful and has a great show feel to it and I recommend it absolutely. Thank you so much [ profile] amberdreams for really starting the holiday season off with a bang, you're terrific.

Title: Second Verse, Same as the First
Author: amberdreams
Characters: Sam Winchester, Lucifer, Dean Winchester, Risa, Chuck, Cas
Word count: ~5800
Rating: Gen R
Warnings: Character deaths and resurrections as per canon. Kind of.
Summary: The End AU. In this version, there is no trip to the future for Past!Dean. Sam said yes, Dean said no, and though Dean found the Colt, his attempt to kill Lucifer with it failed. So now Dean is going to try Plan B, and lead a small team to face Lucifer again. The story is told from Risa’s point of view.

Find it here, read and love
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I still have some spaces open on my talk meme - you can find it here. I have six ficlet prompts so far, so a couple of 'talk topics' would be particularly nice as well - what can I say, I like to talk. Or you know, stick figures! I'm very nifty with MS Paint.

It's that time of the year for love-memes (though I may have forgotten that until I saw firesign's post about it) Regardless, here is the link.

holiday love meme 2014
my thread here

Do let me know if you have a thread, I'm currently trawling the pages by hand (dedication!).

- Will write up about my fun fannish week a little bit later, but just going to say I find myself increasingly shipping Cas/Hannah and I have no idea what is going on.

- Insmallpackages is a go! Find it here. Double points if you can spot my asks when the claim post goes up (1st Dec).

- Fandom stocking is also a go. It can be found here
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Well not ultimate, but definitely a combination. I like the look of the talking meme but reluctantly have to accept that with the combo of exams in December and writing commitments that I'd be highly unlikely to fulfil it. So instead I snagged and modified this likely-looking meme from [ profile] lilliburlero. The request can be related to the prompt you pick if you like, or not at all.

Pick any one of the properties or personnel from the Twelve Days of Christmas and any one of the following:

·         A ficlet prompt. Any fandom/any pair
·         A talking post - give me a topic to talk about. No limits - can be fannish - favourite fics, meta, stuff about my incredibly boring real life etc
·         A request for a drawn stick figure.
·         Anything else really.

The prompts are of course
Pear Tree: [ profile] cassiopeia7 (Abaddon)
Partridge: [ profile] glovered (Jess - STICK FIGURE)
Turtle Doves: [ profile] alycat (J2)
French Hens: [ profile] amberdreams (My three favourite fics)
Colley Birds: [ profile] wendy (How do I drink my coffee)
Gold Rings: [ profile] big_heart_june (J2)
Geese: [ profile] emily_shore (stick figure illustrations of how you know when you're in a Mary Renault book)
Swans: [ profile] snickfic (Meg/Castiel)
Maids (1): [ profile] lilliburlero (Hilary Mansell at school)
Maids (2):[ profile] steeplechasers (Sam/Dean, virginity)
Ladies: [ profile] miss_morland (What would I like to see more of in female character fic)
Lords: [ profile] meus_venator (J2)
Pipers: [ profile] gorkonelka (Dean/Sam, lips appreciation)


Nov. 20th, 2014 01:39 pm
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I finally (about six months after I first thought of it) got round to changing my name on here. I'm about 95% sure that stripytights was [ profile] cherie_morte's suggestion, so thanks for that! My tumblr has become and I'm still considering whether to change my AO3 name or not.

Also I edited my salt-burn-porn entry to solve the formatting issue - LJ was doing its maintainence last night so as soon as I posted, naturally it went down and left it without proper paragraphing. So, sorry about that.
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Title: One More Coal
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Length: 2.5K
Content: blowjob, rough sex, rimming
Notes: for the prompt 'do I know you?' from [ profile] etoile_etiolee written in about two hours so apologies if there's any mistakes - please do let me know.

Summary: Season 9 Dean accidentally meets Stanford-Sam. He probably won't forgive himself for what he does but that's never stopped him.

Read more... )
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I'd been looking forward to this fest for some time, and although it didn't go quite as I'd hoped in terms of my own fic (which, because flogging a dead horse is excellent exercise you can read here), I always appreciate getting to read new fic by other people - the best bit of being in a large fandom!

So here are a few recs (for fic because I'm pretty terrible with art recs - there was a lot of lovely art though!)

- Your Children Will Come at You with Knives by [ profile] steeplechasers- the most visually striking piece of the challenge for me, there was a fantastic sense of terrible inevitability and a beautifully muffled depiction of manipulated emotions and fear. Definitely recommend.

- Juxtaposition by [ profile] moonyj4m - super tender take on a slow growing closer through shared beds and shared closeness. Really well paced and the slide from (mostly) platonic bedsharing into their relationship was perfect.

- Heaven Sure Ain't Like It Is In The Brochure by [ profile] righteousbros - wonderful use of canon in particular Dark Side of the Moon, a perfect fixing of all the untied ends. Very sweet and warming. I'll take a slice of that with a cup of tea please.

- The Treadmill by [ profile] amber1960 As well as fix-its, I adore fics that fixes things without that being the central core of the story - in this one there's a (intriguing) plot, there's Sam time and then this wonderful resolution that ties it up neatly and ends on a hopeful note. Lovely.

- Five Times the Winchesters Pretended They Didn’t, and One Time That Didn’t Work by [ profile] runedgirl - there may be a theme to these recs (with the exception of the first one!) and this is no different - there's a slow build relationship that I can only describe as pretty - the descriptions, the emotions and then the ending that unites all the different threads into an understated but real happiness.
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Title: The One Left Behind
Author name: [ profile] stripysockette
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 13K
Notes: With thanks to [ profile] amber1960 for betaing. Any mistakes are entirely my own. Also with thanks to nasos3 for their creative commons licence on the picture I used for the banner.
Content notes:major character death (not Dean or Sam), graphic sex, mention of physical abuse, themes of mental illness (not Dean or Sam)

Summary: When Sam's thirteen and Dean's seventeen, John's hit by a curse that means he can barely function. Sam's desire to settle down turns out to be a monkey's paw of a wish and when he finally gets out, the only thing left to pull him back in is Dean - who doesn't even know what he wants. No underage.

                                                                                                Part 1      Part 2    
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Title: The One Left Behind
Author name: stripysockette
Genre: Wincest
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 13K
Notes: With thanks to amber1960 for betaing. Any mistakes are entirely my own. Also with thanks to nasos3 for their creative commons licence on the picture I used for the banner.
Content notes:[mild spoilers for the fic]

Summary: When Sam's thirteen and Dean's seventeen, John's hit by a curse that means he can barely function. Sam's desire to settle down turns out to be a monkey's paw of a wish and when he finally gets out, the only thing left to pull him back in is Dean - who doesn't even know what he wants.

Part One of Two )


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