Nov. 5th, 2014

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OhSam is running a commentfic meme at the moment for the express purpose of whumping Sam. I'm not very good at whumping anybody but I very occasionally like trying to, so I wrote a piece about Sam drowning that's a little more hurt than comfort. Who am I kidding, it's all hurt, I'm sorry. It's also gen and can be found here

Insmallpackages is running again this year. I was a complete fail last year but I'm cautiously resigning up so fingers crossed. My favourite low-pressure mini-exchange.

Posting date for my Sam/Dean Minibang grows closer. I am mildly excited, mostly because for the first time ever, yes ever, I've finished well before the actual date.

I've seen this from several people on my flist but the last one was [ profile] de_nugis so I'm counting it a snag from her. Ten Things to Love

1. I finished an essay and handed it in at least half an hour before the closing time. Looks like this finishing early lark is catching (well, early for me anyway).

2. My AllSaints t-shirt arrived in the post and it is as nice as it looked online.

3. I had steak for dinner tonight.

4. I get to meet a friend I've never met before in a couple of weeks time.

5. My flatmate invited me swimming. I didn't go because I couldn't find my costume but it's the thought that counts.

6. [ profile] salt_burn_porn is running and it's as awesome as usual

7. My fake stocks rose.

8. My room is tidy and my bed is made with fresh linen that smells amazing (this may have been the procrastination before the above essay got started).

9. I left my trainers in my parent's house so I have a legitimate excuse not to go to the gym.

10. I have red peppers stuffed with cream cheese. Delicious.


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